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How do you think the 2019 NBA Finals will go?

Brian: I predict a Golden State sweep. Even without KD, (likely not back until at least game 3), their teamwork, outstanding fit, plenty of rest and history together makes them look like the clear favorites.  I think Golden State has the depth advantage-willing to play Cook, Livingston, McKinney, Jerebko and a number of centers (Bogut, Bell, and Jones) while Toronto only plays three reserves.  In addition, Kevon Looney has had a great run through the playoffs to date.  Plus at crunch time, the Draymond at center lineups are elite. The starting line-up (Iggy for Durant and Looney for Cousins) has outscored opponents by 5.7 points per 100 possessions. My guess is Iggy will start out guarding Kawhi but the Warriors can also try Draymond, Klay and perhaps McKinney. I also expect Golden State to bring multiple defenders to try to trap Kawhi. Finally, while Toronto had success using VanVleet against Steph during the regular season, Steph is playing at a different level in these playoffs.

Mike: My guess is Golden State in 6. I may be biased based upon his performance against my Bucks but Kawhi has been the best player in these playoffs bar none. His defense against Giannis flipped the last series and he has had a few days to rest his injured leg.  Having said that I do not expect VanVleet to be as hot this series and I believe the experience of the Golden State core will win out over time.  If Toronto can slow things down to a half court series they have a chance but my guess is KD will return for Game 3 and that will change the dynamics.

We plan to develop a podcast on Friday morning, after game, 1 so look for that analysis

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